Robert BurnsThe Scottish poet Robert Burns (1759 -1796) has a newly updated Iphone App. The original was not user friendly and people complained that it was difficult to access and inaccurate.

The app, developed by the Scottish government, was supposed to give fans of Robert Burns instant access to his entire work of poems and love songs, complete with glossary to interpret the lowland Scots dialect (not Scottish Gaelic).

According to the Culture Minister, Fiona Hyslop, the Jan 20 launch of the free download brought Burns into the 21st century to promote his works on the worldwide stage.

Most users welcomed the idea, but were very disappointed to discover that the app constantly crashed and many asked for it to be fixed for Robert Burns’ sake.

The application also contained inaccurate information. Although the highlighted words in the poems with English meaning pop-up is a good idea, there was apparently too few of them and many were incorrect.  There were also auld (old) Scots words that were not interpreted.

The criticism was so great that an upgrade had to be sent out after only four days. Come on Scotland you can do better!

If the fix is not successful and, according to reports it isn’t,  take it down until the app is running smoothly and the translations are accurate. Don’t insult the bard with a slap dash job.

Click on the You Tube video to hear one of Robert Burns love songs,  sung by the late Kenneth McKellar:

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  1. Chris G says:

    Slap dash implementation.

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