Ancestry has announced that they have a new iPad app called Ancestry. It’s built specifically for the tablet and shows complete images of family records and photos. It’s  also a highly interactive and visual tool for users to share their trees with family and friends. A huge part of the 21st century that our ancestors would never envision.

In keeping with their modus operandi, makes it simple for users record and edit information, and organize media. If you’re away from home for archival research, I’m sure you’ll find this a handy tool. Even the smaller laptops can see bulky when comparing it to the iPad.

If you’ve already use the iPhone you’ll be familiar with the application but the iPad application has universal support and offers new features, such as:

  • An interactive family tree viewer to visualize relationships in your family history
  • Access to family trees that were shared with you
  • Ability to view attached historical documents and source citations attached via
  • An improved user experience
  • Available on the iPad

If you don’t have an iPad or an iPhone you’ll be happy to hear that is considering the creation of an Android version of the app. Stay tuned and on look out for the announcement.

To learn more click on Ancestry App

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1 Comment on’s new iPad app lets users update and share family trees, photos and vital records

  1. LInda Gartz says:

    This looks great. I don’t have an iPad so it won’t do for me. My brother said he has already set up a family tree through the Mormon’s site. I have to download and get his files — need to be updated. Thanks for bringing so many up-to-date techniques for managing family history to our attention.

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