A small group of retired Harrisburg, North Carolina, business people are working hard to renovate town landmarks and are creating a historical village that pays tribute to the town’s history.

Residents, Ted McCacheren , Bill Williams, Betsy Coulon, Bob Johnson, Dick Lewis and other volunteers,  have been working on three major restoration projects since 2005 and the landmarks are on display in Harrisburg Town Park, on Robinson Church Road. At the moment touring is by appointment or during special events.

The current renovation project is a pre-Civil-War-era log cabin, which was donated to the town by Margaret Ann Stallings. It was occupied until 1992—Amazing!

Masonry students from Jay M. Robinson High School built a new rock veneer chimney and fireplace. They also placed rock veneer on its foundation. The project is scheduled to be completed by 2012.

The century old Historic Harrisburg Post Office, formerly Morrison/Sims General Store, and a storage building called a “crib” are also on display in the park.

This ambitious group is also working on the former Pharr Mill building and its grinding equipment and is planning to add an educational display to the park in the future.

Click on the link to the Charlotte Observer to read the entire heartwarming article with comments from the residents who are organizing and working on the project.

3 Comments on History lovers work to preserve the past in Harrisburg, North Carolina

  1. I’m very pleased to see the high school masonry students building a chimney and fireplace for the old log cabin. What better way to get a feel for the kind of work their ancestors did.

  2. Dottie says:

    It’s always encouraging to read about the renewed interest in history. I think it’s likely fueled by family history researchers quest to know how their ancestors lived.

  3. Gloria B. Cantrell says:

    I was nine, in 1959, when my parents moved to Harrisburg. We lived, Marvin T Davis family, on Hwy 49 were there is now a dentist office located on the property, right beside what used to be the Harrisburg Texaco service station. At that time there was a building behind our house which we were told used to be a garage/store. We used the building as storage. Our garden behind the building, we were told used to have a hotel on it. Our understanding was it burnt down years earlier. For years, as we worked our garden, broken medicine bottles and other glass would surface from the dirt. Other sources added that a dance hall was also on the property. I would be interested if Harrisburg did at one time have these businesses located were we lived all them years ago. Gloria B Cantrell

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