I’d like to share this touching New York Times article printed today, Veterans’ Day, Thursday, Novermber 11, 2010.

“FLORENCE, Italy — On a sun-baked hill just south of Florence is a vast garden. Its finely trimmed edges and broad grassy boulevard belie its solemn purpose. Unlike the famous Boboli nearby, this one attracts a slower stream of visitors. It is a cemetery, a garden of stones.

For those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan there should never be graves of unknown soldiers. Since the mid 1990’s all branches of the armed services collect DNA samples to identify them when comrades and dog tags cannot. And today the idea of leaving a soldier buried on foreign soil runs counter to the Warrior Ethos to never leave a fallen comrade. As soldiers serve on Iraqi and Afghan soil and die for their country, their families and each other, they will be brought home to lie near us in Veterans’ cemeteries throughout the United States.”

Please click on the link to the New York Times web site below to continue reading the article


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