Salisbury Confederate Prison, North CarolinaA new Civil Wars Trails guide has been developed by the North Carolina Division of Tourism designed to enhance the travel experience for this year’s 150th anniversary observance of the Civil War.

The maps follow the war from Roanoke Island to Robinsville with markers at 232 sites in 78 counties.

Historic moments are illustrated with words and images at the scene of major battles that took place from 1861–1865.

Travelers will learn the Civil War history at field hospitals, cemeteries and the Salisbury Confederate Prison, with stops at museums and other sites to promote  understanding of the vital role the state played in the war.

By using the guide, travelers can shadow Sherman’s Carolina campaign to its conclusion in Durham or follow Gen. John G. Foster’s raids on the Wilmington and Weldon Railroad, which was considered “the lifeline of the Confederacy”.

The trail covers coastal and eastern conquests of sounds, rivers, canals and finally Wilmington and raids by Gen. George Stoneman’s cavalry.  You can dot the map from Tennessee to Salisbury while other western sites describe the strategy of Col. William H. Thomas’ legion of Cherokee Indians and mountaineers.

Other areas of the war come into view with markers for William Henry Singleton, who escaped slavery and served with the U.S. Colored Troops, as well as, Union sympathizer Sarah Malinda Pritchard Blalock, who fought with her husband in the Confederate army—both became supporters of the Union.

Recently added markers in Alamance County flag the site of Freedom’s Hill Church, where Wesleyan Methodists stood against slavery, and a Kenansville raid in which hundreds of pounds of bacon were burned along with other supplies.

To learn more and/or download North Carolina Civil War Trails click on the links or brochures are also available at all nine state Welcome Centers and Department of Transportation visitor centers. If you’d like to order by phone you can do so at (800-VISIT NC).


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  1. Patsy G. says:

    Thanks for a very informative post. North Carolina is a beautiful state. We’ve visited Salisbury several times and for the record there’s a terrific transport museum that caters to all ages.

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