The Golden Globe-winning actor Steve Buscemi  is “next on” tonight as he embarks on a journey to discover the rogues and villains of his ancestry.

You’ll learn what he uncovers in tonight’s new episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?” is a sponsor of the show airing Friday nights at 8/7c on NBC.

If you’ve watched previous episodes, you’ll already know that the  research has revealed plenty of surprises and emotional encounters. I’m sure all family history buffs will agree that this series is one of the most compelling reality shows in the line-up of those featured in today’s prime time entertainment.

Watch a preview by clicking on the link to NBC.

You can also view some episodes that you might have missed.


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2 Comments on Who Do You Think You Are? Steve Buscemi is next on tonight

  1. LInda Gartz says:

    Hi Sandy,
    I haven’t seen this one yet. I record them (as I’m usually tied up on a Friday night) and watch later, but my TV producer background kicks in whenever I watch them and I find the production values very high. Lots and lots of background work (and probably plenty of celebrities “washed out” because not enough interesting history found. But the ones they have found have been woven into compelling stories – not always so easy. I was especially fascinated by Lionel Ritchie’s background and his intelligent & emotional responses to discoveries–not just “Wow!” every 5 seconds like Vanessa Williams – who really had some amazingly accomplished people among her ancestors. Thanks again for stopping by Family Archaeologist! I appreciate your attention to the details in my posts.

  2. Jennah says:

    This is way more helpful than anything else I’ve lokeod at.

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