Here we go again! What is it about cemetery management that inspires people to be dishonest? In this case it’s still an alleged crime but it doesn’t look good.

This time the alleged fraud is being perpetrated at Mount Eden Cemetery, a 26-acre Jewish cemetery in New York’s Westchester County. The Attorney General is investigating allegations that the cemetery directors misused millions of dollars in assets for personal gain. The fraud was discovered through a routine audit.

The charges against the board members include no-show jobs, credit charges that have nothing to do with cemetery business, and $3 million in unpaid loans.

Daniel Shapiro, the Chairman of the Board,  signed an order and sent it to the New York Attorney General stating, “The controlling certificate holders, directors and officers of Mount Eden have managed and operated Mount Eden for their personal benefit and personal gain.”

The directors named in the allegations were, Patrick O’Connell, Ruth Hogan, Heather Hogan Lospinoso, Stephanie Hogan Webb and Tara Hogan. Two of the people, Patriack O’Connell and Ruth Hogan each receive $75,000 in annually for 30 hours of work each week. It appears that they are seldom at the cemetery and Hogan is apparently living in North Carolina.

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9 Comments on New York’s Mount Eden Cemetery directors accused of misusing millions in cemetery assets

  1. Margie C. says:

    There are too many people out there ready to take advantage. We’ve really had our noses rubbed in it recently with the great dignity shown by the Japanese–no looting. These folks might not be robbing the graves but they’re disrespectful of the dead.

  2. Jennifer Famoso says:

    Unbelievable how callous, cruel, dishonest and greedy poeple can be.

  3. peter fransone says:

    These individuals have been building homes out of the cemetery income and have been making loan to shady people, I hope justice is done because he treats his own family like dirt bags. Check out his portfolio it just doesn’t add up.maybe he should lose everything he has stolen from the jewish cemetery. And all of his illegal mexican worker he doesn’t pay tax on. This woman called Ruth lives in NC what a joke irs go get him.

  4. carlos Miguel says:

    I tried to reason with these people and get know where,I am not surprised he was robbing the cemetery, because he treats his tenants terrible. There are rats everywhere and if you tell him he has a racist attitude. And he is never at his cemetery. Justice should come out here, he has robbed his own family of there money and is a really bad man,with a lot of irish connection. Ask his workers they hate hiim

  5. mike rodriguez says:

    He is a racist piece of garbage and I hope the government looks into all of his actions. He deserves to go to jail but will probably buy his way out. Gross looking pumpkin head. He will call his tenants the N***** word andi sp** word for Hispanics. Just a mean and terrible person.

  6. valhalla says:

    All of the Hogans have never spent 1 hour at this cemetery. They get paid from a nonprofit
    How do they get away with this, some of them don’t even live instate, really this is a serious criime and they should pay back the money and go to JAIL.

  7. Selinka says:

    Only 2 words for this family Tax Fraud …
    Patrick and Ruth Lie, cheat , steal and bribes all if his local politicians .
    Treats his undocumented workers like shit but his family is treated even worse
    but yet gets away with it because he pays them all off

  8. Russo says:

    When will the goverment make this weasel pay all of the money he steals by not paying taxes?????

  9. Martin says:

    I guess he got away with defrauding the IRS on Mt.Eden cemetery and all of the houses he built on there dime .
    When will the goverment ever be fair and get him already.

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