The 1911 Scottish census is available as of today April 5, 2011. The images of the books are in full color and for the first time including particulars of marriage, the number of children born from the marriage, the occupation and nationality of the person listed on the census. People with special needs were enumerated as deaf or dumb, blind, lunatic, imbeciles or feeble minded.

The 1911 census was the last one taken prior to the First World War, in which about 150,000 Scotsmen perished. There was also an international influenza pandemic between 1918 and 1919 which resulted in the death of 22,000 Scots.

The Scotland’s 1911 Census has been closed for 100 years in strict accordance with section 38 and 58 of the Freedom of information (Scotland) Act 2002, which exempts personal Census records from disclosure for 100 years after the closure period. Visit the Scotlands People website for more detailed information and to look up your Scottish ancestors.

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