Yes, I’m a Barnes & Noble affiliate, but I decided right from the start that I wouldn’t recommend anything unless I thought it was a good product. If you’ve visited before you’ve probably seen my page Books and Nooks where I have a few books and products that I believe are worth recommending. Not all the books are from Barnes and Noble and I’m going to  update it to make it prettier and give better descriptions of the products.

I decided to write this post about the NOOK eReader, because I’ve just received notification that a lot of interesting features have been added so here’s what’s new:


Email support:

You can get email on the go on your NOOK

You can check and send email anytime you’re connected with built-in Wi-Fi

You can use the free full-featured email app to get all your PoP and IMAP webmail (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL) all in one In-box

Customers can also get corporate email from any Microsoft exchange server (you have to purchase the popular app TouchDown through SHOP on your device for this one)

Popular Apps:

“NOOK Apps help you explore just about anything. With Epicurious, Pulse, My-Cast Weather and Oprah Mobile you can get the latest news, up to the minute weather, delicious new recipes, and even exercise tips!

Expand your vocabulary horizons with Lonely Planet audio phrasebooks, Spanish for Dummies and apps like Word of the Day. Animal Show and ABC are made just for kids to help them learn in engaging new ways.

Stay on top of your to-do list with apps to help you manage your day, view and edit Office documents, take notes, and even plan your next vacation. Check out the Calendar, QuickOffice and American Airlines apps.

When you’re ready to unwind and take a reading break, NOOK Apps are up to the challenge. Addictive games like Angry Birds, More Brain Exercise, Mahjong, and GeoBee will keep you entertained and test your wits.

There’s something for everyone with NOOK Apps and that includes kids! Apps like Drawing Pad and Cat in the Hat will keep kids entertained for hours. Those long car trips will fly right by.”

Preloaded apps are

You can a crossword puzzle or Sudoku game. In the mood to take on a worthy adversary?  You can even challenge your NOOKcolor to a game of chess, with one of 3 levels of difficulty.

Enjoy one great song after another with Pandora® internet radio. Just plug into NOOKcolor’s built-in headphone jack and enjoy all your favorite songs while you read.

With Quickoffice® software, you can view Microsoft® Office files including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Also transfer and view PDF, ePub and JPG files on NOOK Color. To top it off you can even use personal photos for wallpaper and screensavers.

There’s more

Enhanced Web Experience with Video
NOOK Friends™ (beta) is a social network for people who love to read
Faster page turns with slide animation, plus new rich multimedia NOOK Books and Read and Play™

If you click on NOOK or the graphic above, it will take you to the website where you can learn more about the features.


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  1. LInda Gartz says:

    Perfect timing for this post — for me anyway, reading three days after posting. I just this morning was looking at the new Nook – color and all — and it seems like a great idea for traveling. I’m going to find my first ancestor’s home who left Alsace for Transylvania back in 1770 — and I want to have access to email and post on my blog. This will let me do that with a fraction of the weight and size of my computer. I’m seriously thinking of getting one before I leave and your post is so helpful! Thanks!

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