I just read in NewsMax that the last typewriter factory had closed down. To be honest I thought they’d already gone the way of the dinosaur. With memories of the Olivetti typewriter upon which I learned to touch type on the QWERTY keyboard and the IBM electric typewriter at one time state-of-the art, I decided to post this story.

“The first practical typewriter was invented in 1867, and Mark Twain was the first author to submit a typewritten manuscript to a publisher. But now, reports of the typewriter’s death are anything but greatly exaggerated.

The last factory manufacturing mechanical typewriters closed this past week, the venerable device driven into obsolescence by the computer and word processor.

The factory operated by Godrej and Boyce in Mumbai, India, stopped production in 2009, and its inventory has dwindled to just a few hundred machines, most of them Arabic-language models. No more will be made.

“Although typewriters became obsolete years ago in the West, they were still common in India, until recently,” according to the Daily Mail.

Milind Duckle, general manager of Godrej and Boyce, told the Mail: “From the early 2000s onwards, computers started dominating. All the manufacturers of office typewriters stopped production, except us. Until 2009, we used to produce 10,000 to 12,000 machines a year. But this might be the last chance for typewriter lovers.”

As recently as the 1990s, the company produced some 50,000 typewriters a year, according to India’s Business Standard.

Godrej and Boyce began manufacturing typewriters about 60 years ago. The company is part of the Godrej Group, which makes a wide range of products in India including appliances, furniture, and electronic equipment.

While the mechanical typewriter is history, several companies still make electronic versions, the Telegraph reports, including Swintec in New Jersey.”


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  1. LInda Gartz says:

    Boo Hoo! Typewriters were a major part of my life — as my mother typed EVERYTHING and made carbon copies. Hence I have copies of all the letters she wrote — great insights. I still have my Hermes portable that I took to college. I will NEVER let it go. If all the electricity dies, I can still record my thinking on my Hermes.

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