As reported in a Boston Phoenix article, Google informed its partners that its News Archive project would stop accepting, scanning and indexing microfilm and other archival material from newspapers. Google has instead decided to focus its energies on “newer projects that help the industry, such as Google One Pass, a platform that enables publishers to sell content and subscriptions directly from their own sites.” This decision must be disappointing  for genealogists and family historians that the 5-year project has been abandoned.

The News Archive project was Google’s plan to do for old newspapers what Google Books has been doing for the world’s libraries. Some newspapers did find fault with the fact that Google was slow to process the information after scanning their archives.

Although 60 million pages covering 250 years were scanned, I doubt that they are available online. Although Google did say it would continue to support the existing archives it has scanned and indexed, but they don’t plan to introduce any more features or functionality to the digitized product.

If you’d like to read the entire article, click on The Boston Pheonix.

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  1. David M. says:

    Hopefully what they have scanned will be formatted and available to researchers. There are other companies with a focus on genealogy doing the same thing.

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