NARAtions the blog of the United States National Archives has posted information about Ask Archivist Day schedule to take place on June 9th. See below to learn more about it and view the cute video:

“The National Archives will be here to answer all your archival questions on June 9th!  Known as Ask Archivists Day, this worldwide event on Twitter will bring together the people who collect, care for, and research archival records in one space where questions from general research practices to whether a repository has your ancestor’s information will be answered.

Take a look at this fun video to get an idea as to what kinds of questions we can help you answer on Ask Archivists Day:

To get in on the action, start following @AskArchivists on Twitter, and on June 9th, include the #AskArchivists hashtag in your tweet.  Questions can be directed to an archives in particular, or can be generally posed to anyone participating.  The@USNatArchives will be fielding questions for the National Archives, but there will also be individual employees ready to help you find anything and everything you ever wanted to know about archives.  We hope you join us on June 9th!”


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