Deceased online says

“A further 105,000 burial records for Aberdeen City have been added to the database. This is in addition to nearly 25,000 burial records for Scotland’s third largest city so this will increase the data size to almost 130,000.

The new data is for St Peter’s Cemetery and Churchyard for the period 1830 – 1951 and comprises scans of the original burial registers and details of grave occupants. The data represents approximately 70% of all burials within the Cemetery and Churchyard for this period, and others will be added over the next few months. Further records before 1830 and after 1951 will also be included on Deceased Online later this year.

The existing records for Aberdeen City are for Grove Cemetery, Nellfield Cemetery, Old Machar Churchyard and St Clement’s Churchyard.

Eventually there will be nearly 200,000 burial records for Aberdeen City on the website and further areas of Scoltand will also be added during this year.”


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