As of Monday, June 6th, when you make copies in the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) research rooms in the Washington, area they will be printed on Windsor Blue paper.

This is being done to help delineate which papers were copied on NARA equipment or printed at one of the public use PC printers and, more importantly, to identify papers that are actual records.

The change was first discussed at the November meeting of the Researchers User Groups and experiments were made with more than a dozen different colors of paper to determine which one was the best identifier.

The Windsor Blue is a pale shade of blue and minimizes distortion of the image. At the same time the pale shade of blue can be easily detected to help prevent original records from getting mixed or confused with photocopies.

Copies made by the NARA staff or contractors outside the research room will still be made on white paper. This includes copies made for certification. White paper will also still be used in the Still Picture Reference Room at College Park.

To learn more click on National Archives

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