The British Royal Family has come a long way in the past two generations, especially Queen Elizabeth II (and 1st of Scotland) who was likely thrust into a new reality when she agreed to the divorce of Prince Charles and that of her children Prince Andrew and Princess Anne. Not to mention the behavioral patterns that were completely acceptable until Princess Diana very publicly revealed the royal shenanigans to the public. Now a true commoner, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been welcomed into the royal family.

It’s not so hard to believe that Prince Philip was considered an outsider because he attended the prestigious Scottish private school, Gordonstoun, in Elgin, located in the very north of Scotland.  The school was considered by the elites to be a “crank” remote alterative that “promoted strange ideas of social equality”. The boys were taught to mix with “all and sundry.”

Philip attended Gordonstoun at a time when royal courtiers were graduates of Eton where attendance was almost dependant on being enrolled at birth (or before).

Prince Philip was seen to have missed the opportunity to make the right kind of friendships and to understand the habits and assumptions of the British ruling class. This made him very much an outsider.

But the prince thrived in the harsh environment and a school report refers to him as a born leader. He was an academic and a great sportsman.

The time Prince Philip spent at Gordonstoun led to a royal association with the school, which has seen the attendance of some of the Queen’s children and grandchildren

If you’d like to read a more detailed and interesting account click on The Scotsman. Click on the graphic to read about Gordonstoun.



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