I’ve written several blog posts about the Arlington Cemetery’s unconscionable mishandling of remains and the latest update by the Washington Post points to the continued  FBI criminal probe as well as the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command. The scope of the investigation is broad and includes seeking evidence of possible contracting fraud and falsification of records.

Witnesses and records have been subpoenaed by the federal grand jury on this 6-month long case and the Justice Department’s investigation has significantly escalated the level of inquiry, as well as, the continued investigation by Congress and the law passed last year mandating that the remains of 330,000 are verified.  The Government Accountability Office is also required by the law to look into Arlginton’s contract management procedures. A decision is still to be made as to whether the Army-run cemetery should be run instead by the Department of Veterans Affairs, which also oversees 131 national cemeteries.

Although the new cemetery management has been in place for a year, burial problems have continued to be discovered. These discoveries include a mass grave that held 8 sets of cremated remains. Three of the 8 sets of remains have been identified and will be reburied ones all investigations have been concluded. One set is still in progress and the other 4 are unidentifiable.

I mentioned in a previous post that the Army inspector general’s report found that cemetery officials with no contracting experience and little supervision improperly paid companies in a failed attempt to digitize the cemetery’s paper records at a cost of about $8 million. They are only now starting an As a result, the cemetery for years used an antiquated paper record system that it is only now beginning to upgrade to computers. It’s safe to say that Arlington was not run by professionals in the area administration and it would appear that the investigation is going nowhere fast. Ongoing reporting about this problem ensures continued public awareness.

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