I’ve seen many books on the origins and function of Freemasonry but started to think about it on a more personal level after re-reading my grandfather’s obituary, which included the fact that he was a member of two Masonic lodges.

After making a couple of inquiries I was informed that because of the secrecy involved in membership of the society, I’d probably find only basic information available, such as, date and place of birth or perhaps some kind of notation of death, that’s about it. Apparently this is not the case.

An article written by Carolyn L. Barkley posted on GenealoyandFamilyHistory.com entitled “So May It Be…” Discovering Masonic Records is well written and provides links to so many sources of information you’ll want to “Bookmark” every one.

Barkley’s article gives a concise background history of Freemasonry and suggestions on how records can be accessed.

Instead of rehashing the entire write-up, I’ll point you right away to the link at GenealogyandFamilyHistory.com


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