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“One of the most comprehensive records of the Irish 1916 Easter Rising has been released in a fully searchable structured index for the first time.

The Sinn Féin Rebellion Handbook was published by the Irish Times in 1917 and provides a fascinating insight into one of the most important periods of Irish History. It is now live and ready to explore on the Irish Find My website.

The 1916 Easter Rising, the most significant revolt since the 1798 Rebellion, began on Easter Monday April 24th 1916. It was mainly a Dublin-based rebellion of Irish nationalists against British Rule in Ireland and was born from the British Government’s delays in the enactment of the Home Rule Bill, following the outbreak of World War I.

The 308-page handbook now available online consists of Irish Times articles about the Rising as well as official lists, featuring the names of over 6,700 rebels, soldiers, prisoners, casualties and government personnel, including photographs and maps, creating the most detailed observation of the events of the 1916 Rising. It is an essential resource for those studying the people and events of the Rising, in particular those whose relatives fought or were injured.

The handbook is also a great resource for those with British military ancestors. Over 2,000 servicemen are listed in sections detailing honours and awards to military and police, high ranking officers in a Who’s Who of the handbook, Red Cross workers and members of the Officers’ Training Corps, who are credited with gallantly defending many of the city’s most historic buildings including Trinity College and the Bank of Ireland, College Green.”


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