When you make the decision to research your family tree you may want to ponder a while before you proceed, just to make sure that you’ll be able to accept what you uncover.

People normally share stories about the good things of life or sad stories with happy endings, leaving out the shocking realities that are sometimes hard to take.

This is not the case in an article written in Enterprisenews.com describing how retired teacher Elaine Anderson decided to learn more about her great grandmother Elizabeth Dunphy McMannus, with the help of genealogy researcher Sara Caroll, both Easton, Massachusetts, residents.

What they discovered led them to the Plymouth County House of Correction. Anderson’s great-grandmother died in Plymouth in 1909 while serving time for “keeping a disorderly house”, which today means she was drunk and caused a ruckus along with her husband and son.

The article goes on to outline the fractious life of Elizabeth Dunphy McMannus, what led to Ms. Anderson to research her family history, and her unconditional acceptance of what was, along with a cautionary comment on the subject of alcoholism.

Instead of rehashing the article I’m pointing to the link at enterprisenews.com so that you can read it along with a couple of shallow comments by readers.

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