Chris Paton says:

“Ancestral Scotland ( is offering 30 free ScotlandsPeople credits, worth £7, to overseas residents in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States. The credits can be used at to view Scottish vital and census records (about 4 digitised records and two LDS 1881 census transcriptions views – wills and Arms not included).”

Click on Ancestral Scotland to read more about the promotion.

With thanks to Chris Paton at Scottish Ancestry Blogspot for drawing my attention to this information in his newsletter.

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6 Comments on Claim your free credits for ScotlandsPeople research

  1. Dear Sir/Madam
    I was thinking about registering With ScotlandS People It said that
    I owed five credits cant see how this can be as I am not registered ,and I would like you to correct this.I assumed that at the start it said that you could trace your family tree Births
    Deaths Ect for free.I will not be registering as this Is a rip off to get people to subscribe for information that they required

  2. I forgot to mention,early reply appreciated

  3. Sandy says:

    Hi George, It sounds as though you should contact ScotlandsPeople in their “Contact Us” area on the web page. It’s possible they’ve given you 5 free credits. They gave me 5 free credits with I logged in after being away for a while. Good Luck!

  4. jim campbell says:

    I have been having numerous problems reading the requested pages.I hope that reprogramming my Adobe reader sorts things

  5. Barry Billington says:

    A friend purchased a copy of and which I have used to obtain documents and using credits.
    After was purchased they were able to access programmes.
    I was quite amazed at the result when it asked for more money via credits, to download a printer friendly copy of a document.
    What is going on ancestry ?
    I have a site which is open to public view except for notes etc.
    I will not be purchasing a full copy of until they resolve this issue which is all about money.
    I would think if one purchased a full copy of, at quite an expense, the credits to obtain information would include that fee.
    I am waiting for a response.

  6. Sandy says:

    I don’t know about this Barry. Like you, I’m a family history research member of but I’m not affiliated with them. When I post ancestry news on my blog it’s to keep people informed.

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