A couple of days ago FamilySearch.org announced that their new FamilySearch Film Ordering System is available in the U.S. Northwest/West Area. This is in addition to other areas that have current access of the system.  The announcement also lists which areas will be available soon including Australia, New Zealand and Belgium:

“This announcement is to inform the public that the new FamilySearch Film Ordering System is now available to the U.S. Northwest/West Area. This area is in addition to other areas that currently have access to the FamilySearch Film Ordering System.

FamilySearch continues to make great strides in making family history research easier by making it possible for you to order microfilms from the comfort and convenience of your own home. No longer will you have to wait for your next trip to a family history center to order a film. Nor will you have to travel to a family history center, hoping they have the film you want, only to discover it’s not there.

Ordering microfilms is as easy as ever.
1. Go to familysearhc.org/films and sign into FamilySearch using the Sign In link located in the top right corner of the screen. If you do not have an account, clicking the Sign In link will help you register.
2. Locate the microfilm number(s) you want to order from the Family History Library Catalog located on FamilySearch.org. Note: Before ordering any film, check to see if the Family History Library Catalog has a digital copy available online.
3. Select your loan type, enter the microfilm number, and click Search. Repeat this step for each additional item.

The remaining areas will be released as soon as arrangements can be made. Below is a list of ecclesiastical areas of the Church were the Film Ordering System is available or will be soon.

• Canada— Available
• Utah South, Utah North, and Salt Lake Areas— Available
• Idaho Area— Available
• Southwest Area— Available
• Australia— Available
• New Zealand— Available
• Most of Europe (British Isles, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Belgium (French side), Cyprus, Greece, Slovenia)— Available
• Northwest/West Area— Available
• California— Available
• Southeast Area— Available (August 24, 2011)
• Central Area— Date to be announced
• Northeastern Area— Date to be announced”

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