Early plans have been made public in Edinburgh, Scotland, for a new festival of Scottish history during the month of November of this year. The event is being organized by Ian Harrower and comedian Susan Morrison who plan a ten-day festival involving the city’s museums, libraries, archives, local cafes, bars and shopping centers.

The festival has a budged of 10,000 pounds Sterling and will include walking tours, debates, lectures, exhibitions and a genealogy road show

This isn’t a one-time deal but the plan is for it to continue in the future with expansion across the country.

I’ve mentioned in other posts on this blog the history that the history of Scotland and it’s people is both colorful and astonishing. It’s quite amazing to understand that the history of one of the world’s poorest countries gave an extraordinary contribution in shaping the modern world.

To read more about this exciting event please click on The Scotsman.

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  1. Kittie Kat says:

    I read a terrific book “How the Scots Invented the Modern World” so yes it’s amazing how the Scots influenced our world.

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