I’ve written a couple of times about the scandalous situation at Arlington National Cemetery regarding the mismatched and unmarked graves and mismanagement of records which prompted an FBI criminal probe

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The latest write-up in the Associated Press (AP) describes how the troops from the Army’s historic Old Guard have, night after night, performed the eerie task of photographing more than 219,000 grave markers along with 43,000 sets of cremated urns. All are part of the Army’s goal to accurately update and digitize the records.

These night time sorties haven’t been without run-ins with rabbits, foxes, deer, shallow holes, spiders webs, and pausing to acknowledge freshly dug graves for the next day’s funerals.

One soldier, Spc. Raymond Piron, 22, of Detroit, says he was working one night in an old section of the cemetery when he felt something tap him on the shoulder. He turned around, but he was alone.

Before this summer, Spc. Craig Green, 21, of Dover, Del., a broad-shouldered, tough-looking Iraq war veteran, says that when it came to walking cemeteries at night, “you couldn’t pay me to do it.”

At least one of the soldiers, Sgt. Yvens Saintil, 26, of Philadelphia, who has done two tours in Iraq, says he has friends buried in the cemetery. He has taken time to find their graves and pay respects, even though his duties didn’t include photographing their graves.

The well-written AP article highlights the human interest and the close personal involvement of the soldiers. Click on the link Associated Press to read it.



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