Ned Kelly was a famous Irish convict in Australia and, if you’re an Aussie you’ve often heard the expression, “As game as Ned Kelly”. In this context the word “game” means willing to face danger.

Kelly was considered to be a “Robin Hood” type folk hero by some for his defiance against the British authorities and a cold-blooded killer by others and led a band of bushrangers active in Victoria and New South Wales in the late 19th century.

According to an article on Discovery News online, the headless remains of the infamous Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, have at last been identified, solving a mystery dating back more than 130 years.

Shortly after he murdered three policemen, he was captured in the state of Victoria in 1880 and  hanged at a jail in Old Melbourne The body went missing after it was thrown into a mass grave. The bodies were transferred in 1929 and then exhumed on 2009.

The Kelly investigation began when a skull, which was stolen in 1978, was rediscovered and DNA experts at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine identified his body, which was found in a wooden axe box. A DNA sample was supplied by a Melbourne teacher who was Kelly’s sister Ellen’s great-grandson.

To read more details of this amazing story click on Discovery News.

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7 Comments on Body of infamous Aussie outlaw found and identified with DNA test

  1. Allie G says:

    Fair dinkum… Thanks for the post.

  2. Ben says:

    Glenrowan hosts a museum about Ned Kelly. Still so many stories. Was he a Robin Hood?. I don’t think so. I never heard of him giving to the poor, being one of them I imagine would be in need of all he could get.
    Certainly according to many he and his gang spread terror as they rampaged across the land.
    Amazing that a match for his DNA has ben found, no doubt his head will be reunited with his body at some stage, and a suitable resting place be found .
    The legend of Ned Kelly will still go on.

  3. Tiger Lilly says:

    If he’s a folk “hero” “as game as Ned Kelly it could qualify as a folk hero, for example, Jesse James, and even “Robin Hood”. Ned Kelly was indeed a cold blooded murderer. It has also been said that Rob Roy (the Scottish Robin Hood) was just a thief.

  4. Sandy says:

    Thanks for some interesting comments on Ned Kelly and how he’s perceived in Australia. And, as Ben says, the legend will still go on. The stories of the infamous Jesse James will go on just as the stories and songs of Ned Kelly will go on…

  5. Kittie says:

    I think that the expression “as game as Ned Kelly” is meant to indicate something positive. However, I’ve read that Ned Kelly was an infamous outlaw and murderer.

  6. Sally Dell says:

    What an amazing story. He could be a hero for someone and be a criminal for someone. Had fun reading your article post.

  7. Nathan Smith says:

    It was an amazing story I’ve ever read. Ned Kelly was the most wanted criminal of this story but he was the main character of this story. I really like this story particularly the last part was very amazing. Thanks mate :)

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