I recently posted an article titled “The Battle of Culloden Moor 1746: The last battle ever to be fought on Scottish soil”  the last battle of the 1745 Jacobite rebellion in Scotland. I was intrigued to learn that the Royal Bank of Scotland Group is making history in 140 characters by using Twitter that will certainly bring a unique perspective on the rebellion.

Starting today the plan is to tweet diary entries from John Campbell, the cashier in charge of RBS during the Jacobite rebellion. Campbell’s diary records how he paid the rebels in gold from the reserves held in Edinburgh Castle.

According to Ruth Reed, Archives manager, “”The diary was ideal for Twitter as it was written in small, daily sections, often with several different entries throughout the day. We’re excited about using a new technology to tell a very old story, and hope it will bring this fascinating part of history to a whole new audience.”

To read more and learn click on  4-Traders.

Here’s the address follow John Campbell’s diary on Twitter: @Johnofthebank

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  1. Jennifer F says:

    Awesome. The native americans of the U.S. should be recognized.

  2. Jennifer F says:

    I accidently commented on the posting Jacobite Rebellion, but meant to post for the Native American heritage month in November. I am glad that the California state assmeblt has designated November for Native American Indian Heritage. I wish other states would adopt a similar resolution as well.

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