Although the Kansas City museum has exhibits about Anglo, Native American and African American heritage, officials are aware that be there has been a major gap in documenting Latino history, which goes back hundreds of years.

An effort is currently underway to collect historical artifacts and documents for the museum collection. To this end, an important first step was announced this week when the museum received an entire 30-year archive collection from the Dos Mundos bilingual newspaper. And, according to the Kansas City Star, “We’re incredibly honored to be identified as the repository of this material,” said Christopher Leitch, director of the Kansas City Museum. “It’s a real obligation. It’s really humbling.”

Founder of Dos Mundos, said that the museum would be a better caretaker for the trove of images and prose documenting the local Hispanic community.

The museum plans to look for all kinds of materials that Hispanic families or businesses may have stored in a closet or attic. This type of information is often called “shoebox history” and needs to be professionally preserved and accessible to the public.

To read more about the project click on Kansas City Star.

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