Most of us realize that the Internet has changed family history research and a recent article in Desert News online describes how the next five years will accelerate the process making it more affordable and rewarding.

The article “Family history in the future” was written by Paul Allen the famed co-founder and CEO of covers five key areas where we can expect to see major changes: Digitization, Linking, Mobile, Social Networking, and Gamification (Games).

Of the five topics the one that stood out was “Linking” where scientists are poised to invent automatic ways to intelligently find actual references to your ancestors and bring them to you, sometimes without you having to perform a search. These tools are likely to be integrated into social networking sites like Facebook and Google+.

In the area of Gamification the article tells us about games played on social networks. CitiVille attracted 100 million users in 41 days. Also mentioned is FamilyVillage (I wrote a blog post about this one), which already had tens of thousands of users.

There’s a lot more. To read the entire article click on Desert News.

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