The following post on DNA Consultant’s blog is fascinating, so I’m passing it along:

Almost a century ago, British anthropologist Alfred Cort Haddon traveled the world seeking samples of human hair, among other curios, for his ethnographic studies of native people. The samples, which lay in a museum drawer for 90 years, included hair from a young Australian Aboriginal man. Now in a paper published online this week in Science, geneticists report that they have extracted enough DNA from that hair to sequence the first complete genome of an Aboriginal. The genome offers the first good look at the origins of Aboriginals, showing that they are one of the oldest continuous populations outside of Africa, the authors say.

Click on the link above to read the abstract of the paper, which contains findings tosupport the hypothesis that present-day Aboriginal Australians descend descend from the earliest humans to occupy Australia, likely representing one of the oldest continuous populations outside Africa.


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