Has Jeff Bezos of Amazon produced a quality cheaper alternative to Apple’s iPad?  Hmm… it all depends on what you need and, for many, this probably begins starting with the attractive price of $199.  Added to that, the 7-inch display that makes it about half the size of iPad and ideal for slipping into a pocket.

It has an improved lightning-fast Android operating system with a fresh and easy-to-use interface, which is closely tied to Amazon’s own large and constantly growing content library. You’ll buy more of their stuff. Nothing wrong with that concept.

Kindle Fire owners can watch a movie, read a book, scroll through magazines, access their music collection on Amazon’s servers, or access Android’s app store with over 10,000 games, e-mail programs, shopping guides, or read a book. This sounds like a great deal for the average user.

Unlike the iPad2, it doesn’t have embedded cameras or a microphone, and there’s no 3G cellular connection, only WiFi. Kindle Fire does not have iPad2’s video chatting capabilities and outstanding screen resolution. You can ask yourself if you really need the camera and video chatting capability, but high screen resolution is always nice. Look and compare. Does the variance in resolution make a definitive visual impact or, is the difference minimal?

Despite the fact that Amazon has been criticized for waging a state-by-state battle to avoid collecting sales taxes, and recently for being too-lean on air conditioning in its East Coast distributions centers during a hot summer, it’s most definitely a competitor and quite  obviously pleases customers.

Of the many reviews out there, Bloomberg’s Brad Stone (found through LinkedIn’s Top Headings in Information Technology and Services), has written an excellent easy-to-read article. Click on the link Bloomberg to read it.

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6 Comments on Amazon’s new $199 Kindle Fire Vs IPad2

  1. Rhonda G. says:

    Thanks for this post. Some food for thought written in plain English.

  2. Jeanne C. says:

    Thanks for this.I’ll wait for the hype to die down and then take a look. I would like to have one. Can anyone beat Apple or, should I say can anyone beat the Apple hype.

  3. Stan W. says:

    Here’ something from Reuters:”Amazon.com Inc., in launching its tablet-computer battle against Apple Inc. , is deploying a special weapon: technology that powers Amazon’s popular website and that the retailer sells to other big-name Internet companies.”

  4. Dottie A. says:

    Yep. Just like you said you need to look and compare–see for yourself. The smaller size is more appealing and could be carried in a pocket-book.

  5. Tin Lizzie says:

    Quote from eWeek, “The Kindle Fire has no cameras. iPad 2 has a microphone. The Kindle Fire doesn’t. iPad 2 may be purchased in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models. The Kindle Fire comes with 8GB of internal storage, but offers all of the cloud storage a consumer can eat.”

  6. Sandy says:

    Thank you for all the comments. I love them. As with all technology, you need to ask yourself the question: What do you need your new tablet to do? These days can you even afford the low-end.

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