A new path has been forged by Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania,making available an online database containing millions of records with a flip of the switch . Genealogy researchers around the world are likely to find this portal into Lackawanna’s past a gold mine of information. The project was a large undertaking that took eight years to complete.

Now anyone with Internet access can view, print and email digital images of many of the records from their offices, all with a few clicks of a mouse and it’s all free.

Until Thursday, these records were previously available to people who were willing to spend hours researching documentation in the register of wills and clerk of judicial records offices. And, it’s quite a database with 7 million documents from the register of wills office alone.

Among the records now available are:

  • Probate records from 1878 to present.
  • Marriage applications from 1885 to present.
  • Orphan’s court division records since 1938.
  • Dockets for the civil and family court divisions from 1995 to present, with the exception of juvenile records.
  • Scanned images of documents filed in the civil and family court divisions since 2003, again excluding juvenile records.

To learn more about the online database click on Lackawanna County.


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