explains why users of the Hugh Wallis website ran into technical difficulties when performing batch number searches.

“We’ve received a lot of feedback from FamilySearch users asking why they cannot use the Hugh Wallis website to do batch numbers searches. The problem occurred when the latest version of FamilySearch was put in place. At that time, some of the links that allowed the Hugh Wallis website to connect to the batch records found in FamilySearch were broken. This was an unfortunate accident. When we heard about this problem we did all we could to contact Mr. Wallis and worked with him to come up with a solution to the problem.

FamilySearch programmers are now working with Hugh Wallis to find a workable solution to this problem. As soon as a solution is found, the public will be notified that the site can be used again. Thank you for your patience.”

To read the write-up and the comments click on Keep in mind that Family Search is a terrific free resource and that software implementations rarely go live without problems that need to be fixed.

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