An interesting newsflash from ScotlandsPeople:

“The census street index books for the main towns and cities in Scotland have been digitised for each of the open census years. These books can make it easier to find the registration district and enumeration book details for an address. The streets are arranged alphabetically and the bookmarks allow you to navigate your way through the book. It is a useful tool for seeing which streets existed during those census years and which enumeration book contains their entry.

For example, if you wish to find out who is living at 11, Picardy Place in Edinburgh in 1911, which is where Arthur Conan Doyle had previously resided in 1861, open the street index for Edinburgh and use the bookmark to way point to Parsons Green. From there you can scroll down to Picardy Place and it states that for numbers 5-11 (odd) the registration district is 685 2 and enumeration book number 19.
To find all entries in an enumeration book, you can use the advanced search function to find everyone listed in that enumeration book. For the example above, you would go to the 1911 census search page and select ‘show advanced’. Insert in the advanced search box:

You can view the following street index books:

street index book for 1841 census
street index book for 1851 census
street index book for 1861 census
street index book for 1871 census
street index book for 1881 census
street index book for 1891 census
street index book for 1901 census
street index book for 1911 census

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