is a terrific resource for family history research. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface. I do like the development of their database and they’re constantly adding new resources. The latest addition is  as follows: 

You can now search for your ancestors in 4,000 records for military nurses on

The records cover the vast period of 1856 to 1940 and comprise five main record sets:

  • Army Nursing Service: a small but significant set of 238 nurses of often quite genteel origin, born in the 19th century
  • Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service: records of 783 nurses, born between 1859 and 1904
  • Royal Hospital Chelsea Nurses: records of 165 largely untrained nurses, born between 1839 and 1876, who served at the hospital for pensioned soldiers between 1856 and 1910
  • Scottish Women’s Hospital: records of 1,575 women (and men) who were stationed in continental Europe during WWI
  • WWII Military Nurses: details of 1,244 nurses who served in France with either Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service, or Queen Alexandra’s Reserve, or the Territorial Army Nursing Service, during WWII

If any of your ancestors were nurses, this collection of records could provide you with essential information to add to your family tree.

Sue Light provided with these records. The image on this page is also courtesy of Sue.

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