The following behind the scenes interview about the Battle of Britain provides an interesting perspective as to why genealogy has become so popular:

Jamie Naden took part in Battle of Britain, the third episode of Find My Past the TV show. Jamie’s great-great-aunt worked as a plotter with the WAAF during the Battle of Britain. Here we talk exclusively to Jamie to find out his experiences of appearing on the show.

FMP: What was the most surprising or emotional moment for you?

Jamie: The most surprising moment for me was definitely finding out that I was going to an air base, because I originally was kept in the dark about the whole thing. That was a bit of a shock. Another surprise was being in the war room and having a go at plotting. That was ridiculously difficult!

FMP: How has being involved in the programme affected you or your life?

Jamie: It’s certainly made me feel very proud of my ancestry.

FMP: Are you proud of your ancestor’s role in this historical event?

Jamie: I’m really proud of my great-great-aunt’s role in the Battle of Britain. I had no idea at all that she played such a pivotal role.

FMP: Do you feel you’ve got to know your ancestor better?

Jamie: I didn’t know anything about my ancestor before I appeared on the show so it was a totally new experience for me. It was a learning experience from the get go – I loved it.

FMP: If you could meet your ancestor, face to face, what question would you ask them?

Jamie: If I could ask her anything it would probably be whether or not she found it hard to go back to a “normal” life after the war ended. Especially with all the responsibility she had in the battle and the war and all the stress and hardship that came with a posting like hers.

FMP: How did you find out you were going to be in a TV programme about your family history? What was your reaction?

Jamie: My mum asked me if I was willing to do the show after my grandfather had been in contact with her about it. I wasn’t told anything about it being about the Battle of Britain though, so I was pretty blown away when I turned up on set.

FMP: Has it sunk in that your ancestor was involved in such a momentous point in history?

Jamie: Yes it has. It’s hard to imagine it sometimes but it’s an awesome feeling knowing that my family have such a rich history.

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