I’m not sure why, but I was a little dismayed to learn that “Intelius” has without fanfare purchased the Facebook genealogy application Family Builder on June 15th of this year. Since this is my personal opinion, if you think my concerns are unwarranted, please feel free to tell me.

Intelius is widely known for background checks on family members, friends or employees and is now broadening its base into helping families connect and communicate—Hmm.

Horrified friends have on various occasions over the past several years pointed out several companies with this type of database. Although, I’ve found them to be somewhat inaccurate, they often have enough accuracy (like an address!) to recognize a target. At the same time, I’m fully aware in these days of social networking, the post office, banks, telephone companies, etc. that privacy is an illusion.

To get to the point of this blog post, Intelius has rebranded Family Builder as “Live Family” and, according to Geekwire, Intelius has kept the acquisition close to the vest up until recently. Geekwire quotes the senior vice president Ed Petersen as stating “We did not buy Buckingham Palace. What we bought is a great piece of property with a house that needed some work, in a really nice neighborhood.”  As reported the property does have a decent number of tenants—about 30 million registered users.

To quote Geekwire article content, “The idea, as explained by Petersen, is to create a place where brothers, sisters, cousins, moms, dads, aunts, uncles and grandparents can securely share photos, news, family tree information and more. Petersen noted that Facebook has created a “social graph,” and LinkedIn has built an impressive “professional graph.” In his view, there’s a significant opportunity to create what he dubs a ‘family graph’.

Live Family is Intelius’ you can bet on that concept. While it started as a genealogy site, Petersen has much bigger plans in store.”  The terms of the deal are still not known at this time.

You can decide for yourselves by clicking on the link Geekwire to read  John Cook’s article.

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