An article that appeared in the Lansing Michigan online publication City Pulse described the Library of Michigan’s successful auction of books that were no longer needed. This serves as a reminder that most libraries sell old books at certain times during the year.

What the library doesn’t consider essential could be a valuable resource for genealogists, historians and others. Since the library is unlikely to be selling off collector’s items, these gems can be picked up for fifty cents or a dollar.

The article mentions that the library has sold more than 75,000 books generating $15,000, with broad categories of topics ranging from ““Who Put the Bomb in Father Murphy’s Chowder” to books on the nation’s rocket program.”

Like many people these days, I’ve recently decided not to hoard books and from this point forward to go digital. If you come across a book you’d like to own and don’t want to turn your house into a tinder-box by adding one more book—even if you think it might be useful for something sometime in the future—scan the pages and go digital.

There are plenty of inexpensive scanners on the market that can do a satisfactory job although you’ll need to break your books down (ouch! I hate that thought) for a successful scan.

If you’d like to read the article click on City Pulse.

Click on Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter to read and article titled “A Neat Scanner“.

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