For my Irish relatives and friends I think these finding are about haplogroups while the Celts are the mainstay of Irish heritage, DNA suggests that they weren’t first. You can find a link to Wikipedia at the end of this post to learn more about haplogroups.

According to Irish Central the Celtic origins of the Irish are now disputed by new DNA results.

For a long time we have been taught that the Irish descended from the Celts with the legendary King Milesius considered to be the founder of the Irish people.

DNA studies have apparently revealed that Ireland was settled centuries earlier by survivors of the last ice age (10,000 years ago) from the Basque area of northwest Spain. The closest DNA match with the Irish in all of Europe is with the Basque.

The most recent theory is that they arrived by boat and settled much later in Ireland than in Britain. They did not come from Scotland but from the Basque country in northern Spain. The Irish and the Basque are brothers and according to Irish Central, this is the point where you should start your Irish genealogy.

Click on the link to Celtic Literature Collective to learn about the Book of Invasions. This fascinating book suggests that the Irish originally came from Spain and it was this ancient book that O’Donnell took to the court of Spain, to try to strengthen the ties between the two countries.

Click on Irish Central to read the article about the origins of Irish DNA.

Click on Haplogroup to read the Wikipedia article.

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5 Comments on Celtic origins of the Irish are now disputed by new DNA results.

  1. James C. says:

    A very interesting article. As you say in the first paragraph it doesn’t change your Irish Celtic heritage.It’s amazing how far DNA research has come in the last 5 years.

  2. Eileen MacD. says:

    Between the Basque’s and the Vikings, no wonder they call us the fighting Irish :-)

  3. Dottie A. says:

    Interesting article. The Irish love being Celts as do the Scots. I hear the Basque country of Spain is beautiful.

  4. Lee Lampard says:

    Interesting study. I am taking up AB History. This topic will somehow help me in my presentation. I might as well look for some facts about it.

  5. Andoni says:

    Very interesting article. I guess we are cousins then! I´m basque and most of my last names are basque. I look more northern-european than spanish. I have green eyes, pale skin, and my father´s family are all blue eyed. I always thought that that was weird, compared to most of spanish people (brown eyes, black/brown hair…), now thanks to science we can know why.

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