Electronic resources have become central to researching our cultural and intellectual heritage. Since digital memory requires constant management, we are only too well aware that this type of memory is at risk.

Risk begins as soon as people and organizations have made the decision to store information digitally and actually continues for as long as the data needs to be stored. At the personal level as well as the institutional level this is a huge issue.

An organization called Digital Preservation Europe  has come up with a cool series of YouTube videos where Team Digital Preservation takes on a preservation problem and solves it.

Although the cute videos are at an organizational level the unique presentation serves to remind us of the importance of data preservation on a personal level too. You’ll see from the list below, it’s important:

  • Team Digital Preservation and the Metafor Common Information Model
  • Team Digital Preservation and the Planets Testbed
  • Team Digital Preservation and the Arctic Mountain Adventure
  • Team Digital Preservation and the Deadly Cryptic Conundrum
  • Team Digital Preservation and the Aeroplane Disaster
  • Digital Preservation and Nuclear Disaster

If you missed the link above, click on YouTube for an interesting experience.

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  1. Shelly Saxton says:

    Have a wonderful preservation!! I always impressed to read exciting post from you. Entertaining but serious videos on digital preservation is another excellent one. Like the idea and reflections from my views. Thanks! :)

  2. Shelly Cooke says:

    Digital preservation. Interesting issue. This is a much help for everyone since digital is now part of our lives.

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