Using real life characters found while researching his family tree, Kenny O’Connell, a Findmypast customer, was inspired to write a book titled The Hoodie and the High Rip Gang. The story crosses generations and appeals to young and old alike.

The book illustrates how much tougher life was in census years gone by, and tells the story of the local geek Joe, who journeys back to 1911 urban Liverpool (100 years ago) to meet his great-great-grandmother and her children.

Times are hard in 1911, but the Joe gets the love and affection from his great-great-grandmother that he doesn’t get in 2011. He fights to protect her against the gangs that terrorised England at that time and he now has to fight against himself in the form of the High Rip Gang. Members of this gang can be found on the census forms. The Hoodie learns a lot of hard lessons in 1911 and comes back a changed person.

Local mobs the High Rip Gang and the Cornermen rule the roost in the city and can unleash real terror for anyone crossing their path. So now Tommo and Joe must finally put their grievances aside and work together to avoid the gangs wrath and in doing so ultimately protect the very existence of a whole family tree.

The book is available as a Barnes and Noble NOOK book for only $2.99.  This is an entertaining and exciting read about family loyalty and would make a great present for anyone including those who are interested in bringing their family tree to life in this way.

Click on The Hoodie and the High Rip Gang to Purchase the eBook. You can also click on the image of the book in the upper left.

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  1. Shelly Cooke says:

    That’s interesting. I would like to grab one. My friends would like to learn about this book. Surely.

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