Did you know that Ireland’s County Cork is toying with the idea of secession from the Republic of Ireland? (As reported in Cork Independent online–not serious).

Although county official Laura McGonigle isn’t really proposing secession, she has come up with an interesting idea to issue a “Cork Passport” to people with family ties to Cork who’d like to own one.

The inspiration came from the Irish Government’s offer of a Certificate of Irish Heritage to an estimated 700 million people from around the world with Irish roots.

Response to the passport idea has reportedly been immense and, to support her idea, Counsillor McGonigle has already spent some of her own money to purchase the domain name www.corkpassport.com.

This sounds like an great opportunity for Cork to generate revenue and a way for people to give back through their familial connections.

The council has the idea in mind that the “passport” could conceivably be tied in with the new genealogy center proposed for Shandon in the heart of the city of Cork.

Anybody applying for the certificate will have to provide proof of their Cork ancestry and connection with the county. My mother was born in Cork and I can even supply her birth certificate, so I’m likely to be eligible.

“Only one major question remains: will George Clooney be able to apply for a Cork passport based on the ‘granny rule’?”

Click on Cork Independent to read the article.

The website www.corkpassport.com, mentioned above, is hasn’t been launched yet.

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  1. Jennifer F says:

    Very interesting article. Having a passport for those with family ties to Cork does tie in very well with a proposed genealogy center. Keeps history and family alive for the county.

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