The following information appeared on the Google Blog and will be interesting for Genealogists and Historians, et cetera:

Did you know that every single major league baseball team has a Google+ page? Or that hundreds of professors across the country are using Google+ to hold virtual office hours? Or that every U.S. presidential primary candidate has agreed to participate in live hangouts with voters on television this election cycle?

As Google+ continues to grow, we’re seeing more and more communities develop on the platform. But we want to help more organizations, politicians, artists, celebrities, athletes, media companies and nonprofits use Google+ to share and interact with each other—and with Google+ users. That’s why we’re launching a series of community guides to help your organization thrive on Google+.

On the site, you can find out how to get your organization started on Google+, and learn how other groups like yours—universitiespolitical organizationsnonprofitssportsmedia companies and celebrities—are using the platform. You’ll find case studies and ideas for how organizations or individuals in each of these communities have used Google+ effectively. For example, you’ll see how NBC’s Breaking News Google+ page is using the platform to deliver breaking news; or how the Dallas Cowboys are using hangouts to connect with fans; or how celebrities like Conan O’Brien are announcing their Google+ pages to the world.

There are thousands of vibrant communities on Google+. We hope these new community guides will help you and your organization connect, follow and share with the communities you care about the most.

Finally, we’d love to hear how you’re using Google+ to engage with your communities. Make sure to share your greatest successes with us on the Google+ page.

Posted by Steve Grove, Head of Community Partnerships, Google+

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4 Comments on Connect with your community on Google+

  1. LInda Gartz says:

    Great information, as always, Sandy. I’ve been meaning to look into Google + for a while — but it all gets a little overwhelming to keep up with everything!

  2. Sandy Arnone says:

    Thanks for the comment, Linda, I’ve been overwhelmed too, but intend to take a better look soon.

  3. Jill Davenport says:

    I wish they’d come out with Google+ for Dummies. It’s supposed to be intuitive my I guess my 6th sense isn’t working to well. I’m going to see what shakes out with this one.

  4. Jennylee says:

    Cool! That’s a clveer way of looking at it!

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