If you’re a naturally kind person, it may actually be in your DNA. Researchers from California, Oregon and Toronto have apparently located a gene variation that is linked to being caring, empathetic and trustworthy.

People who are homozygous for the “G allele of the rs53576 SNA of the oxytocin receptor (OXTR) gene tend to be more pro-social than those who are carriers of the A allele”.

For the study, the researchers identified the genotypes of 46 people, divided into 23 couples, as either, GG, AG or AA. It was found that people with the GG genotype were more pro-social.

The researchers then videotaped the couples and had each partner describe a painful moment. Outsiders participated by watching the video tapes and rated how empathetic a person was as they listened to their partner describing their suffering.

It was found that out 10 people rated the most pro-social six of them had GG genotypes and, of the 10 individuals the least trusted, 9 of them had an AA or AG genotypes. It took only 20 seconds for the outside observers to detect these genotypes, which goes to show that first impressions are important.

Life experience is bound to play a big part in a person’s behavior and the experts do say that no gene trait can entirely predict a person’s behavior. More research is required to find out how the variant affects the underlying biology of behavior.

I think that the study did

However, no gene trait can entirely predict a person’s behavior and research is needed to find out how the variant affects the underlying biology of behavior.

Currently not a great amount is known about the way these differences manifest behaviorally (I believe that life experiences would also play a part), but scientists are likely to find out very soon since the AA and AG traits could be linked to autism and could lead to a cure.

To read the source article click strangers can spot ‘kindness’ gene: study

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2 Comments on Is there a kindness gene? Kindness may be in our DNA

  1. Jennifer F says:

    Interesting piece about DNA and kindness. Genes may play a part in predisposition, but life experience also shapes a person’s character.

  2. Jan King says:

    It’s amazing how far scientists have come with DNA and exciting to know that many terminally diseases will likely be cured through this science. I have no problem believing in a kindness gene.Some people have it and some people think they have it :-)

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