I received information today about an update for the Windows version of Family Tree Maker 2012. I’ll hasten to add that although updates are normal for new versions of any software on the market this one is significant because of the features we purchased in the 2012 version.

There’s quite a list of improvements and fixes and, in the grand scheme, fixes are normal too. So we’ll start with the fixes listed below:

  • Tree sync errors are resolved
  • Upload and Download and sync performance issues have been fixed
  • Implied relationships are now created on Ancestry tree
  • Media download time-out (3 hrs) has been fixed
  • Issues with sync indicators, states, icons, and sync refresh messaging issues have been resolved
  • Better handling of deleted relationships

There is also a list of general performance improvements and quite a list of other improvements and new features.

Instructions are also available on how to manually download and where to look in Family Tree Maker 2012 to find out if you’ve successfully installed the new updates.

Click on Family Tree Maker 2012 Program Updates to see details of the fixes and changes.

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3 Comments on Latest updates and fixes for Family Tree Maker 2012

  1. Hartmut Kirchheim says:

    When I started my recently purchased German Version of Family Tree Maker to day I was asked
    to download the latest update. Now my programme is all in English!
    Is there an update for the German version?
    How can I now change again to the German version?

    With kind regards

    Hartmut Kirchheim

  2. Sandy Arnone says:

    Harmut, you should contact the maker of the software about the German version. If you downloaded the software from Ancestry.com you will probably find help if you contact them.

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