It’s not easy to trace Irish ancestors, I can attest to that. An interesting new Facebook page “How to Trace Your Ancestors” has just been launched to lend a hand to people around the world to find their Irish and American ancestors.

The page is a how to on tracing your family history with tips, it also makes it interesting project for kids to participate. Stephanie McKenzie, the owner of the website is a professional genealogist with 18 years of experience under her belt and an interest in helping people

Here’s the link to How to Trace Your Ancestors.

Of the many groups on Facebook I’ve picked four open groups from the Thomas MacEntee’s High-Definition Genealogy site that may be useful to people looking for a different way to research ancestors:

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies has a social networking site Genealogy Wise is yet another neighborhood to look for some interesting groups.

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