Well, they’ve done it again. And, depending upon your point of view, Google has either produced another great service (especially if you’re a shareholder) or, they’re yet another threat to the brick and mortar booksellers.

Yesterday, December 6, brought a new announcement from Google that they had officially launched their eBookstore. It’s common knowledge that they have the largest collection of eBooks in the world with more than 3 million titles.

All is not lost, however, for our favorite bookstores because Google is letting independent booksellers participate in the digital transition by offering tools for selling eBooks from their own sites and sharing revenue. I take this to mean that you can choose where to buy your eBook just as you can choose to where to buy your print books.

It has also been reported that about 4000 publishers are allowing Google to carry many of their recently released books. This is probably a good move for the flagging publishing industry and good too for our favorite authors.

The good news for genealogists and historians is the that there is a large number of books on the subject and even better is the fact that many are copyright free or copyright expired titles.

Here’s the link to the new eBookstore.

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  1. W. Campbell says:

    There’s a big shake up going on in the world of book sellers. Looks like Google is taking over the world but, I have to admit, I like their products.

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