Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol in 1853. It’s the story about the redemption of a miserly character Ebinezer Scrouge and, Tiny Tim, the crippled son of his is clerk Bob Cratchit. Although it was written in the mid 1800s, story supports an ageless message and not only as a reminder for personal reflection but has been scaring readers for 158 years. Today we’d probably call A Christmas Carol a scared-straight paranormal narrative.

Dickens left behind only one manuscript for A Chrismas Carol, which was kept in a vault at the Morgan Library and Museum. The manuscript is filled with the many revisions he worked on to get his story right. It has 66 pages and now a high-resolution copy is available for you to examine on your computer.

The British Archive blog decided to post some Christmas spirit with a link to the digital version created by the Morgan Library in New York. It’s truly amazing.

Click on the following link to view through the New York Times documents section:

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