has published a series of articles from several contributors with technical tips for genealogists and family historians. I’ve included 30 to give you an appreciation of what’s included with a link to many more.

I have read some, but not all, of the articles and when you delve in you’ll understand—it’s extensive.  It’s a phenomenal line-up of informative tips written in plain language.

You can start with the entries that catch your eye and keep the rest in mind for a return visit.  It’s also useful to read the comments left by other readers:

  1. Getting Started Selecting the Appropriate Technology for Genealogy
  2. Selecting a Digital Camera for the Genealogist
  3. Choosing a Cellphone or Smartphone
  4. Build a Document Archive at Scribd
  5. The Top Uses for a Digital Camera for Genealogists
  6. Editing Software Techniques for Old Photographs
  7. Basics in Determining the Date of an Old Photograph
  8. Digitizing Techniques for Old Documents and Books
  9. Kindle’s Personal Document Service
  10. What can I do to preserve or restore an old book?
  11. Shoebox by 1000memories
  12. Publishing with Google
  13. Solving Connector Problems with Adapters
  14. Be Prepared for Genealogical Research with your Smartphone
  15. Organization with Picasa and Picnik
  16. Understanding the Alphabet Soup of Connecting Your Electronic Devices
  17. The Digital Research Library
  18. Using Your Smartphone for Genealogy
  19. Organization with Google Docs and Google Maps
  20. Finding the Genealogy Community on Google+
  21. Online with Topographical Maps
  22. GPS and Image Tagging Part 7: Manually Geotagging Images
  23. Personal Publishing: HTML for Genealogy Bloggers
  24. Digging Online to Find Land Ownership
  25. Phishing, Scams, Viruses and Trojan Horses – How to Protect Your Computer
  26. Google Alerts and Google Books for Genealogists
  27. Some Rights Reserved
  28. Research on the Road – Dropbox
  29. Steve Jobs, Apple, Genealogists, Technology — A Commentary
  30. Google Search Tips for Genealogists

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