Here’s a shout-out to 23andMe for not only making their information more interesting for genealogists this past year but also for their interesting research in personal genetics.

They have an improved relative finder tool and have made groundbreaking research discoveries, thanks to members contributions in their study of the genetics of Parkinson’s Disease. It will be interesting to see what they do in 2012.

See below for an excerpt from their newsletter:

New and Updated Content:

Our scientists selected the highest quality information from thousands of research articles to deliver 78 new and updated reports about your health and traits.

Along with extensive reports on diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, we delivered “conversational” reports — for example describing how your genes might impact your coffee habit.

Our blog The Spittoon kept you current throughout the year on the latest discoveries in genetics and more.

New Tools:

Our improved Relative Finder tool connected more family trees than ever before, with most members seeing more than 250 new relatives.

The new Neanderthal Ancestry feature let you explore your caveman roots.

You can now team up with your family on your Family Health History to get a more complete picture of your health.

New community tools made it easier to share your stories and connect common interests.

New Research and Discoveries:

Thanks to the contributions of 23andMe members, we published a groundbreaking study on the genetics of Parkinson’s disease.

Our Roots into the Future initiative, a revolutionary study exploring the impact of genetics on health in African Americans, enrolled thousands of participants.

We continued to support research for rare diseases by launching the myeloproliferative disorderscommunity.

We added 15 new Research Discoveries, on topics silly to serious, driven by the participation of people like you.

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2 Comments on How DNA research company 23andMe helped their customers this past year

  1. A Family Genealogist says:

    On the other hand, perhaps a more balanced perception would come from review of what actual customers are saying.

    There have been changes to the privacy policy, community forums and terms of service/FAQ. Genealogy customers are outraged and are finally speaking out.

    This news has spilled over into blogs on Forbes and Discovery magazine sites. See also the 23 FB page and their own internal forums under the “News” group.

    I do not believe that 23andMe clearly understands the needs of the genealogy community they claim to support.

  2. Sandy Arnone says:

    Yes. We live and learn. See my post today about 23andMe “Genetic testing company 23andMe plays dirty pool with expired PGS subscribers”

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