The fact that the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso,  is visiting Scotland speaks of a whole new world and a very exciting one for the pupils from all Edinburgh schools because they are going to have the Dalai Lama’s speech broadcast in their classrooms during his visit to the Capital.

The enthusiasm can probably be compared  to newspaper reports of how school children lined the Scottish highways to wave to Queen Salote of Tonga (1900 – 1965) when she visited Scotland after attending the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in London in 1953—a reminder of a different generation.

The children will be able to listen to His Holiness as he lectures on the subject “beyond religion: ethics for a whole world” in Edinburgh’s Usher Hall. I hope the world is permitted to hear a transcript of the lecture on an important subject.

The Dalai Lama’s speech is scheduled take place on June 22 to mark the 20th anniversary of The Edinburgh Lectures and will be the keynote of a five-month series of talks.

In the audience will be 120 of students from Edinburgh schools and 8 will be chosen to get an  opportunity to ask questions of His Holiness during the event while the rest watch from their classrooms.

During his visit the Dalai Lama will visit the National Library of Scotland for a private viewing at the of archive material relating to Tibet. He is also scheduled to meet with Scottish religious leaders at the Scottish Parliament.

Rabbi David Rose, the co-convener of The Edinburgh Inter Faith Association and co-chair of The Conference of Edinburgh’s Religious Leaders said, “As a beacon of tolerance, common sense and morality in our world, this pre-eminent religious leader does us a great honour in again gracing our city.”

I think the unique Scottish culture will rightly view the Dalia Lama’s visit as a momentous occasion.

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  1. Maydha L says:

    HHDL is always enjoying oversea countries but but those tibetans burning themself in home land tibet, he is not even trying stop them from burning, how shameless guy he is, his one word ca stop them setting them self. how shameless guy he is.

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