FamilySearch the famous free genealogical search engine is addressing problems users are having located their ancestor’s acutal record. It seems that the new (not so new anymore) search engine still has search problems.

The undertaking to revamp the original system to a much more sophisticated database was huge and I can tell you that the type of problems users experience are quite normal. When large corporations go live with enterprise software, people are employed to fix problems day after day ad infinitim.

The problem: Users are telling that they find can the name of an ancestor in the index but can’t find the actual record. Also, if the image is available they have to sift through hundreds of records to find the one they need.  The camera icon tells you that this record collection has digitized images of each record within that collection. If you see the words “Browse Images, this means that the collection has not been indexed. Many people have asked for this feature.

Click on to understand the problem read the explanation.  It’s clearly explained and worthwhile knowledge.

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